Retire Super Early

What does retiring super early mean?

The average working American today plans to retire is at the age of 66. With an average life expectancy of just 78, that leaves just 12 years to enjoy your retirement. That’s crazy to me. I don’t like working enough to do it until I’m 66. Many people look to retire early; a fairly common early retirement age is 55, an age when many civil servants have fully vested pensions. That’s certainly better than 66, but that’s still too far away for me. Not to be ageist, but at 55 you’re still past your prime. To me, a Super Early Retirement is when you retire in your 40s or even your 30s. Which may sound batsh*t insane, but it’s actually fairly reasonable, and it can be done on a moderately good salary without sacrificing your quality of life.

How can you do that? Well, in a nutshell, you earn as much money as you can and save most of what you earn. You cut out unnecessary expenses, cut back on the others, and spend your money consciously. You buy used, fuel efficient cars, use public transportation when you can, and you’re not afraid to bike or walk places. You buy an appropriate sized home, not a McMansion. You find and grow alternative income sources. You stay out of debt, avoid consumerism, ignore the Joneses (don’t try to keep up), and invest your money wisely. This blog will help you do all those things. This blog will cover the big picture items, like buying a house, and the little things too, like how to dress stylishly for less.

And who, exactly, am I?

I’m Matt. I’m a 32 year old lawyer living with my wife, a Kindergarten teacher, in New York, one of the most expensive cities in the world. I’m not yet retired, but I’m well on my way there.  In just five over years in the workforce, I’m about halfway to my retirement goals. Join me as I blog all the way to retirement (and beyond).